Elite Line Locating Ltd.

Elite Line Locating Ltd. has been providing locating, mapping and data research services to the Residential, Oil & Gas and Construction industries since 1999. Elite Line Locating Ltd. started as an owner/operator Business and has had substantial growth form there. Based out of Drayton Valley, we do most of our work around Drayton Valley but travel anywhere in Alberta.


  • Pipe Line Locating
  • Utility Locating
  • Alberta One Call Response and Screening
  • Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Lease & ROW Sweeps
  • Pipeline Right of Way Inspections
  • Pipeline Sign Inspection and Installation
  • Creek Crossing Inspections
  • Flame Ionization Leak Detection
  • Drone Photos

Elite Line Locating Ltd. carries multiple locators and different equipment to make sure we have the right tool for the job.

Health & Safety

Our top priority

A commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, at the office or on site is second nature to Elite Line Locating Ltd. Positive participation in the Health and Safety Management System by employees, contractors and suppliers is a condition of employment and a term of every contract. All work and work activities must comply with applicable legislation, company requirements and Utilities whichever are higher.

Its objective is to continually reduce the potential for incidents that result in injuries to people, damage to property, and/or other losses. The company provides training, tools, equipment, and the supervision necessary for all work to be performed in a healthy and safe manner.

OurSafety Manual addresses the use of drugs and alcohol in the work place, defensive driving practices, and use of personal protective equipment amongst other areas. Also included is a our extensive Pre Job Hazard Assessments. Apart from safety audits which are conducted annually, quarterly safety meetings are held.

We are members of ISN and Complyworks.

Our Employees are trained in H2S Alive, WHMIS, TDG, First Aid/CPR, Ground Disturbance Supervisor Level, Basic Principles and Fundamentals of Line Locating II

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Elite Line Locating Ltd. is a small but experienced utility locating company serving Oil and other Industries primarily in the Drayton Valley and central Alberta region. If you are planning a dig, let our expert locaters identify all buried facilities before you begin. Incorporated in 1999 and boasting 30+ years of oilfield experience, Elite Line Locating Ltd. comprises trained professionals who understand the importance of accurate and timely inspections. Elite Line Locating Ltd. is dedicated to providing reliable, professional services. As a highly experienced team, our thorough knowledge of ground disturbances and regulations make us a company you can rely on to maintain the standards of safety and professionalism you expect.